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Lorax Works new proSeed microcontroller delivers breakthrough architecture

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Alain Mantel 
Product Manager 

Scottsdale, AZ - October 1, 2005 - Lorax Works, a business venture specialized in the creation of active devices for intelligent robotics, reports the availability of the proSeed microcontroller.

The proSeed, the first microcontroller product from the Lorax Works controllers family, with 128Kb of EEPROM, 128Kb of RAM, and a 70Mhz SX microprocessor in a 24pin DIP package, presents an unheard potential for applications requiring large on-board memory.

For Lorax Works, the development purpose of the proSeed architecture is to provide a low-cost microcontroller with real capabilities for control of systems requiring large amount of memory such as data logging, complex robotic applications, artificial intelligence, neural networks and pin for pin compatible with most 24pin stamp format microcontrollers.

To support the proSeed, Lorax Works provides open source software, instructions and tutorials.

Dedicated to long-term development and support for the proSeed, Lorax Works is developing additional software to take advantage of the built-in Artificial Intelligence capability and plan to further develop new devices using the proSeed technology.

Lorax Works, Inc. develops devices and software for industrial, scientific, educational and artistic applications. These products are low cost, simple to understand and use, with abundant potential, and can be put into service rapidly.

Lorax Works new proSeed microcontroller delivers breakthrough architecture
written by: Alain Mantel 2005-10-01

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