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Item #2: Development Kit: proSeed Development Kit

proSeed Development Kit

proSeed microcontroller, a/d daughter board, proto board, CD

This kit contains all you need to get started with the proSeed microcontroller.

proSeed Kit with a proto-board specially customized for the proSeed that provides an easy way to connect to the I/O and ADC channels with a large prototyping breadboard surface with 300 pins, 60 pins for grd 60 pins +V and convenient 3 pin connectors for sensors and servos (low power only). It also has a serial port to connect to a PC. and MIDI port. You can select between using the internal power regulator of the proSeed or use the power supply on the protoboard. The Kit comes with one proSeed, a serial cable, a power transformer, a CD and printed version of all the documentation and tutorial and a set of parts to follow the tutorial. The CD also has our terminal proterm and other useful information and tools.

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