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Item #1: Microcontroller: proSeed


The proSeed microcontroller

The proSeed microcontroller is a FORTH based microcontroller ideally suited for robotics experimentors. The proSeed (Professional Seed) has all the standard features of a conventional microcontroller such as 16 digital I/Os, 16 analog inputs, RS-232 serial communication, MIDI and SPI data buses, RAM and EEPROM. However, the proSeed does not stop there. Its architecture has some key features that we believe are essential for any artificial life exploration like an extra large 128KB RAM and 128KB EEPROM. The proSeed has an SPI daughterboard port that supports all kinds of customization. The proSeed comes standard with a 16 channels ADC daughterboard at no extra charge. Many additional daughterboards boards will be developed and you can even use the daughterboard SPI port for your own custom applications.

Some other special features are the ability to store relatively large neural networks and the ability to connect several additional proSeeds. In fact, you can build a cluster of sub-networks connecting up to 128 proSeed via midi. This permits the bottom up architecture of the hardware where each subsystem can be handle by an individual neural network that communicates with other networks using words.

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